Welcome to the O.MG Web Programmer

Please begin by plugging in your cable to your programmer and plugging in the programmer into your computer. This flasher is guided, at any time if a Help button is available you can follow help instructions. Alternatively, if you wish not to see this again, please select the option below.

O.MG Web Flasher

First, connect the O.MG Programmer to your computer. Then plug the O.MG Cable/Adapter/Plug into the programmer. Need help? Click the Help button below.

Now click the Connect button below. Your browser will prompt you to select the programmer. If no ports are shown, or you get an error, click the Help button below.

Press the Program button below, thats it! Just wait for the progress bar to complete.

O.MG Web Flasher


WiFi SSID:   Unknown
WiFi Password:   Unknown
Configuration Mode:   Unknown

To use the O.MG Cable: Plug the cable into a USB port. Then connect to the WiFi network and browse to
For additional instructions, please go here.

Further details can be seen in the console and corresponding log from the flasher log button in the top right of the interface